Infertility is considered as the inability to conceive in a sexually active couple who are trying to get pregnant for one year. 8-12% of the couples in the world are facing problems with infertility, and in these modern times, the per cent is getting bigger. 20% of the cases are due to both male, and female factor.  Problems that are possible to arise in men are abnormal sperm, low sperm motility or low sperm count. Causes can be genetic factors, long-term use of steroids, age, obesity, stress, and inflammation of the testicles, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and other diseases. In women problems that can arise are a polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, poor egg quality, cancer, AIDS, etc. Risk factors and causes are age, obesity, eating disorders, smoking, alcohol, stress, infections and other.

By the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) infertility occurs due to disrupted vital balance and blockages in the Qi energy and Blood circulation flow. When the free flow of the energy is blocked, it can cause deficiency, stagnancy or heat syndrome.

Deficiency syndrome is blocking and disrupting the sexual and reproductive function both in men and women.

The stagnancy syndrome disables the free flow of the energy and Blood and restricts it from circulation to the tissues in the reproductive organs.

The heat syndrome is connected to inflammation processes which have an impact on semen quality and gynaecological infections.

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