Ischuria means stoppage or reduction in the flow of urine either from blockage of a passage with resulting retention in the bladder or from disease of the kidneys (Meriam Webster Dictionary)  -- in other words,  this is equivalent to urinary retention.

Urinary retention refers to a condition that urine fills out the bladder and can not be discharged. This disease is manifested by difficult or even failure in urination.  It is clinically divided into acute and chronic patterns, according to the disease condition. It is similar to “uroschesis”, especially “ischuria” in Chinese Medicine. 

The location of this disease is in the kidney and bladder and involves the liver and spleen. Longbi can usually caused by various factors resulting in accumulation of damp-heat, obstruction by stagnancy, failure of the liver to smooth flow of qi, deficiency of kidney qi or middle-jiao qi, leading to disturbance in qi transformation of the bladder. (YanHuang TCM)


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