Liver Yang Rising

The headache from Liver-Yang rising is intense, severe, throbbing or distending in character. Some patients also describe it as "pulsating", "pounding" or "bursting". It usually affects either or both sides of the head along the Gall-Bladder channel, or the temple or eyebrow. Frequently, it is felt behind one or both eyes. It may also occur on a small area around the point of Yangbai. The headache from Liver-Yang rising is frequently accompanied by nausea or vomiting. These are due to Liver-Qi invading the Stomach and preventing Stomach-Qi from descending. In a few cases, it is also accompanied by diarrhoea due to Liver-Qi invading the Spleen and impairing its transformation and transportation activity. The Liver-Yang headache is usually better sitting up and often a person will prefer to lie in bed propped up by several pillows. Other common symptoms with headaches from Liver-Yang are visual disturbances. The person may see flashing lights or auras or the vision may be blurred.