Stagnation of Liver Qi

Spasm, tension and pain at one side or both sides of the neck, pain in the occipital and temple regions, pain that moves up and down, and is related to the emotional situation, depression, stress, a feeling of oppression over the chest, headache, a bitter taste in the mouth, insomnia, a tongue with a slight purplish colour, and a thin coating, and a wiry pulse.

Stagnation of Blood

Stabbing pain at the neck with a fixed location, occurring mostly along the middle line of the back, aggravation of the pain at night, difficulty in neck movement and dislike of pressure. Some sufferers might have had cervical operations, any may have had a history of physical trauma. In some cases, there is a dark complexion, a purple tongue or purple spots on the borders and a choppy, deep, wiry or tight pulse.