Acute urticaria, a skin disease, is a localized edema reaction resulting from dilation and increasing permeability of skin and mucosal small blood vessels. Nearly 20% of people get acute urticaria at least once in their lifetime. This disease is mainly manifested with wheals in various sizes and unendurable itching.

Based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the “wind” is the fundamental pathogenesis of urticaria, referring to some external physical factors (friction, pressure, coldness, heat, sunlight, etc). Acute urticaria is commonly featured by wind-induced diseases; therefore, its treatment should be centered on expelling wind evil.

There is an ancient saying that “to treat wind, 1st treat the blood, when the blood moves, wind naturally disappears.” There is a theory that “lungs govern skin and hair,” that is, the essence of skin and hair is nourished and warmed by lungs; meanwhile, respiration of skin and hair as well as opening and closing of the sweat pores are closely related to the dispersion of lungs. Therefore, treatment of skin lesions can start from opening the inhibited lung Qi. 

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