Facial Scraping 

Cosmetic care, prevention and treatment of skin problems


If you’ve ever experienced any of the following symptoms on your skin such as blemishes, lack of moisturization, darkening of pigments, and aging of the skin, it is most likely related to problems with your facial meridians. These problems will continue to persist even with the use of high-end skincare products. By treating and maintaining your facial meridian points, you can reduce and even completely treat these skin symptoms.  

Facial Meridians:

The face is the most concentrated part of the body’s qi and blood flow. The face also acts as a gathering directly flows through the face. Specifically, the Yang Ming Jing point which is especially rich in blood and qi is highly important in the maintenance of your facial skin. The ups and downs of your meridian health can easily be reflected in the condition of your facial skin.

Scraping for Facial Meridian:

Facial scraping involves moderating blood flow and qi through the meridian points on the face. Through the stimulation of meridian points, we can help soothe and moisturize the skin. Scraping or medical scraping involves the use of a medical jade. The jade is used to gently massage and scrape the skin near crucial meridian points on the face. Different scraping and massaging techniques are used depending on the patient’s needs and conditions. Scraping helps to improve the skin’s microcirculation, regulate blood flow, and promote the flow of qi. This results in internal and external whitening of the skin pigments, dilution and elimination of toxins under the skin, and a reduction in wrinkles. Scraping is a simple and painless treatment method that helps to brighten and moisturize your skin for an endless glowing look. 

Based on your skin condition, your Chinese medicine practitioner may recommend a conjunction of acupuncture and Scraping treatments to improve and speed up the healing process of your facial skin.  


Application of Facial Scraping:

Facial Scraping can be used to treat the following symptoms:

Skin aging, wrinkles and fine wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, acne, uneven skin tone, uneven skin coloration, blemishes, dark patches, large pores, strong oil secretion, and allergy-prone skin.