Stranguria is a syndrome characterized by frequent, difficult and painful discharge of urine accompanied by abdominal pain or lumbago. Clinically it is classified as stranguria of heat-type, stranguria associated with hematuria, stranguria due to disorder of qi, stranguria due to urinary stone, stranguria associated with chyluria and stranguria induced by overstrain.

The early case of stranguria can be cured by timely and proper treatment, but it may become chronic and intractable when the treatment is delayed or erroneous. Deficiency of yin, yang, qi and blood and dysfunction of viscera in the chronic case, and occurrence of edema, dyspneic cough, palpitations, nausea, vomiting and retention of urine signify a deterioration of the disease.

Cases of urinary infection, urinary stone, tuberculosis, tumor, prostatitis and chyluria in modern medicine with stranguria as the major symptoms may be differentiated and treated with the principles mentioned in this section.


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