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Michael Liang is a licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist . Michael has a plethora of practical experiences and accompanying researches in related natural therapy fields. Some of these researches include successful clinical cases on respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, Obesity, and Reproductive/Urinary diseases. With years of research and clinical experience under his belt, Michael has developed a profound understanding of the human body, physiology, pathology, and disease treatment.

Michael’s deep understanding of the human body and their individual functions allows him to use acupunctural and osteopathic procedures to their full extent. By using a combination of Acupuncture and Osteopathic techniques, Michael can treat and resolve many joint and muscle pains from various parts of the body. Michael has found resounding success with his unique treatment methods and is continuing to develop his technique further.

During his practices, Michael always ensures that he establishes a holistic understanding of the problem and the logistics surrounding the problem. Michael is a perfectionist who strives to over analyze each detail for each of his patients before he begins any procedures. Michael seeks to find the cause of each illness so that he can eliminate the pathogen or disease at the roots. Sometimes, patients may forget negligible details that may change the course of the diagnosis and treatment plan. However, Michael considers all the possibilities and never overlooks any trivial details prior to a decision. 

Michael views the human body as an organic whole. From the smallest cells in our body, up to the largest functioning organs; everything works together and influences each other in order to sustain the body. In a broader view, humans coexist with the nature and rely on different elements within nature to sustain themselves. People have a direct impact on nature, and conversely, nature will react to the impacts caused by humans. These reactions can either have a positive effect on our wellbeing or a negative one. The human body is not merely a biological entity, but a psychological and social being with constant interactions with its surrounding environment. Societal position, economic status, occupation, ideology, education background and social relationships all influence the overall health of the body.

Michael places a heavy emphasis on preventative care and health maintenance. He advises and helps all his patients to monitor their daily activities diligently. Starting from when they wake up, to how they season their meals, to their mental state throughout the day; Michael helps his patients to maintain a happy lifestyle starting with their health and mental wellbeing.