Massage therapy is to work and act on the body with pressure. Massage therapy has been in use for centuries and is a vital component of traditional Chinese medicine. There are many uses for massage therapy, some uses include preventative medicinal treatments as well as curative treatments for muscle and chronic pain. The use of massage is highly flexible with different forms and application methods. Bone massage, trauma massage, pediatric massage, meridian massage, visceral massage, acupoint massage all fall under massage therapy and the uses are vastly diverse. Massage therapy is simple, straight forward and cost efficient with no adverse side effects.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Odoo • A picture with a caption

Some mechanisms of Massage therapy are listed below:

  1. Massage therapy helps to dilate local blood vessels to help increase blood and lymph circulation. As a result, the nutritional status of local tissues is improved, and metabolic rates and retention of body fluids are also amplified.
  2. Blood flow is stimulated within inner tissues of the human body. The stimulation causes the blood flow from inner tissues to traverse to surface levels of the human body to help reduce stagnant blood flow, and congestion within different areas on the body to dissipate pathological substances.
  3. Massage therapy helps to improve the overall physical function of the human body. Muscle function, muscle elasticity, tension and durability are all improved with continued sessions of massage therapy.
  4. Emotional states of wellbeing are also affected by massage therapy. Nerves are massaged to invigorate the spirit, relieve fatigue to soothe and revitalize the mind.

Dekang Medical uses Massage techniques based on a combination traditional Chinese medicine with western anatomical pathologic diagnostics to provide the most comprehensive massage treatments for our patients.

Dekang Medical Health Massage

Health massage refers to the maintenance and the protection of health of the human body. There are many different techniques that the practitioner will use for health massage. Some common techniques include surface massage, kneading pool neck technique, cotton cloth rubbing technique, tapping technique, back waist technique and many more. Health massage is generally very gentle, flexible and has very diverse range of use. These methods can be used regardless of age, sex, and state of health. Health massage helps to eliminate fatigue, enhance physical fitness, promotes longevity and regulates the human body.

Dekang Medical Treatment Massage

The uses of massage therapy are very diverse and can be applied even in harsher medical conditions. Conditions related to trauma, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, ENT, chronic pain, functional diseases and developmental diseases are all effectively alleviated with the use of massage therapy. Dekang Medical provides the following treatment methods for more serious illnesses:

Surgical Massage

Dekang Medical’s surgical/injury massage treatment includes upper body injuries such as periarticular inflammation, external humeral epicondylitis, wrist sprain, sacral styloid stenosis tenosynovitis, spinal injury (stool), cervical spondylosis, thoracic facet joint disorder, chest flank injury, acute lumbar sprain, chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, and lumbar posterior joint disorder. Lower body injuries can also be treated with surgical/injury massage such as Piriformis syndrome, knee joint paint, Osteoarthritis, ankle sprain, heel pain and many more.

Internal Medicine Massage

By combining detailed medical diagnostics and massage therapy, Dekang Medical’s internal medicine massage treatment includes diseases such as cardio-cerebral disorders (no sputum, stroke sequelae, etc.), spleen and gastrointestinal disorders (stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, etc.), and hepatobiliary disorders.

Gynecological Massage

Dekang Medical provides massages tailored towards gynecological conditions to prevent and treat existing conditions. The scope of treatment includes conditions such as irregular menstruation, underlying disease, postpartum disease, menopausal syndrome, and many other gynecological diseases.

Pediatric Massage

Dekang Medical’s pediatric massage therapy is the choice for many pediatric conditions. With massage therapy there is no need for any injections or medications. Pediatric Massage is also harmless highly curative and has no adverse side effects in children. Dekang Medical’s pediatric massage treatment includes treatments for cold, fever, cough, anorexia, hoarding, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, enuresis, nightingale, muscular torticollis and many more.