Moxibustion is an alternative acupuncture technique that involves the burning of mugwort or moxa, a small, spongy herb at specific points on the body to facilitate healing and treatment of various diseases. Moxibustion plays an important role in traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be used by itself or in combination with other treatment techniques to stimulate physiological, and biochemical functions of the human body to prevent against pathogens and to treat current symptoms.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Odoo • A picture with a caption

The principle of Moxibustion

The main principle of moxibustion is to use moxa to warm regions and meridian points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi. It mitigates against cold and dampness in the body to strengthen and protect the body. Furthermore, moxa is considered to be a rare medicinal herb and contains many beneficial properties to aid the body in treatment or disease prevention.

Dekang Medical Moxibustion Therapy

Dekang Medical uses the finest herbs in moxibustion therapy. Mugwort is mixed with other Chinese and Tibetan herbs to create the most optimum ingredient for moxibustion therapy. It is soft, warm and has strong penetration that dives deep into the acupoints and meridian to increase blood and qi circulation. Under the guidance of our experienced practitioners, long term adherence to moxibustion can help strengthen the body, prevent diseases, maintain health and increase longevity.

  1. Stimulation of Meridians and acupoints. 

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in order to sustain a healthy life, the human body depends heavily on the role of qi and blood. If blood or qi flow isn’t optimal, the body can easily contract diseases and pathogens. Moxibustion helps to dispel pathogens and diseases by stimulating acupuncture points and meridians to increase blood circulation. By increasing the blood flow, the body’s natural ability to flush out and filter pathogens is increased. Moxibustion helps to dispel effects of phlegm, cold, stasis and helps to promote cell regeneration.

      2. Increased blood flow and Qi circulation

The herbs and medicine used during moxibustion therapy have properties that can quickly open the body’s meridians and accelerate blood circulation of the body. When meridian points are blocked, it can cause swelling and pain and other dysfunctions at different parts of the body. Moxibustion plays a role to balance bodily functions and clears swelled meridian points. Phlegm, blood stasis, sores, frostbites, sputum closure, infertility symptoms can be resolved with moxibustion therapy.

      3. Warming and Replenishing Qi

Moxibustion therapy replenishes the body, stimulates the body’s immune system function, promote metabolism, and strengthens internal and external functions. Moxibustion therapy also restores qi within the body and enhances digestive, circulatory, excretion and genitourinary functions. What’s more, moxibustion therapy helps to balance the yin and the yang in the body. If either of the two outweighs the other, the balance of the body is lost and many bodily functions become dysfunctional.

       4. Disease prevention, maintenance of health

Since blood and qi circulation is improved with moxibustion therapy, the body’s own natural ability to dispel pathogens and disease is also improved. As blood and qi circulation increases, the body acts faster in flushing and filtering unwanted pathogens from within. Moxibustion enhances the body’s own immune system to disperse illnesses. Moxibustion therapy can be used for overall health improvement, fitness enhancement, and sickness prevention. Generally, continued use of moxibustion for 1-3 months will demonstrate significant results.

       5. Beauty and skin care

The difference between moxibustion beauty and general cosmetic beauty lies in the difference of physical treatment. Moxibustion beauty improves physical fitness and wellbeing while cosmetic beauty is superficial. Cosmetics can mask the deficiencies of the human body and surgeries can transform the local tissue or bone structure. However, these do not improve on the real health of the people. On the other hand, moxibustion therapy helps to dispel fatigue, restores vitality, replenishes physical fitness and balances the body functions. There are many people whose facial skin tones are not smooth and unclear. These symptoms are usually caused by endocrine disorders. Some examples of endocrine disorders include:

  • People who have acne and imperfections on their skin.
  • People with melisma on their face, often related to liver and kidney deficiency.
  • People who are puffy and slightly overweight not from overeating but from liver and kidney imbalances
  • Women have dim colored nipples usually caused by severe liver and kidney deficiencies.

Moxibustion helps to detoxify and excrete excess oils and cystic acid produced from the body, improve the internal functions by increasing blood flow and Qi circulation, and balance the overall bodily functions to truly improve on skin tones, skin clarity and body image.