Adenophora (ShaShen(Nan))

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Lung,Stomach
    Nourishes Yin, moistens the Lungs, dispels Phlegm and stops coughing;
    Nourishes the Stomach, generates fluids and clears Heat
    Dry, non-productive cough due to Lung Yin Deficiency;
    Chronic consumptive cough with Blood in the sputum or hoarseness;
    Used in the aftermath of a febrile disease or when Yin Deficiency causes dry mouth or throat with accompanying constipation
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    1.Adenophora is more brittle than Glehnia.
    2.It is commonly used as Yin tonic for the Lung. It is milder but better at resolving Phlegm.
    3.It is similar to American Ginseng Xi Yang Shen.
    4.It is a less potent Yin tonic than Glehnia.
    5.It is better at stopping coughs.
    6.It does not generate fluids.
    7.It is common in treatment of children’s coughs.
    8.It is Southern Sha Shen.
    9.Herbal pharmacies will generally supply Bei Sha Shen when Sha Shen is written on the prescription.
    10.Both Bei Sha Shen and Nan Sha Shen are sweet, cold, clear Heat, nourish the Yin, generate fluids and enter the Lungs and Stomach. Bei Sha Shen is heavier and firmer and more strongly enriches the Yin, especially of the Stomach. It is used when warm febrile disease has injured the fluids or led to Stomach Yin Deficiency. Nan Sha Shen is lighter, less dense, slightly bitter and is better at expelling Phlegm. It still nourishes Yin and cools Heat especially of the Lungs. It is used to treat Lung Yin Deficiency, especially if there is Phlegm. Bei Sha Shen and Nan Sha Shen are often combined.
    11.Both Sha Shen and Rx. Polygonati Odorati Yu Zhu enter the Lungs and Stomach and both nourish Yin and generate fluids. Yu Zhu has a slower, more harmonious action that requires a higher dosage, while Sha Shen is more cooling.
    12.Both Sha Shen and Bul. Lilii Bai He nourish Yin, clear the Lungs, moisten Dryness, stop coughing and are used in the treatment o dry coughs. Sha Shen is better for augmenting the Stomach, generating fluids and stopping thirst, while clearing the lungs and expelling Phlegm. Bai He moistens the Lungs, stops hemoptysis, clears the Heart and quiets the Spirit.
    13.Dry-fried Sha Shen, Chao Sha Shen is not so cold so that it nourishes Yin without injuring digestion. Dry-fried with rice Mi Chao She Shen is not as cloying and actively harmonizes the Stomach while nourishing Lung and Stomach fluids.
    14.Prepared Sha Shen, Zhi Sha Shen has an enhanced ability to moisten the Lungs and nourish the Stomach. It also harmonizes the Spleen and Stomach and is better at stopping coughs and expelling Phlegm.
    15.Fresh Adenophorae Xian Sha Shen clears Heat and generates fluids and is especially good for Lung Heat with cough, vomiting of yellow Phlegm or thirst associated with warm febrile disease.