American ginseng (Extra Large)

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    American ginseng(Extra Large) :227g/ $89.5, or $0.39/g
    This ginseng was grown in Southwestern Ontario of Canada, a region famous for producing high quality ginseng. The 5-year ginseng delivers much richer nutrition than younger ones.
    Please keep in a dry and cool place.

    【PROPERTI】Sweet,Slightly Bitter,Cold
    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Heart,Kidney,Lung
    Tonifies Qi, generates fluids, nurtures the Stomach and nourishes Yin;
    Benefits Lung Yin and clears Fire from the Lungs;
    Sedates Heat in the Intestines and stops bleeding
    Qi, Yin and Body Fluid Deficiencies with Heat signs and chronic un-abating fever;
    Aftermath of a febrile disease with weakness, irritability and thirst;
    Lung Qi and Yin Deficiencies with depleted Fluids and Blazing Deficiency Fire which impairs the the clearing and dispersing functions of the Lungs with long-term wheezing and coughing up of Blood-streaked sputum;
    Cough, hemoptysis and loss of voice due to Lung Yin Deficiency;
    Heat in the Intestines with hematochezia due to Yin Deficiency
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with Cold-Dampness Obstructing the Middle.
    Contraindicated for those with Fire from constraint.
    Do not prepare in metal utensils.
    Incompatible with Rz. et Rx. Veratri Li Lu.

    五年.特级直参 . (Extra Large) 

    洋参参龄:     五年

    产品规格:     每颗15克以上

    品质等级:     特级

    产品干度:     >97% (含水量<3%)

    加工流程:     五次手工挑选,简洁修剪

    产品产地:     加拿大 . 安大略省 . 西南部

    收成时间:     2019年11月

    种植时间:     2014年09月到2019年11月

    许可证号:      19CA04929/CWHQ (加拿大环境部签发)

    产品重量:     115克 (净重) 240克 (毛重)

    产品包装:     有机玻璃内盒 + 精美纸外盒

    包装尺寸:      19.5厘米 X 9.5厘米 X 3.2厘米

    保存环境:      阴凉干燥处 (空气湿度<45%)

    保质期限:     到2022年10月

    —— 推荐西洋参食用方法 ——





    泡 酒







    取参片 5-8 片,置于杯中,冲入沸水,加盖 5-10 分钟,即可代茶饮服,可以连泡多次,待汤味变浅,可连汤带C渣一同服食。