Barley rice (YiMi)

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    【PROPERTI】Sweet,Bland,Slightly Cold
    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Spleen,Stomach,Lung,Kidney,(Large Intestine)
    Strengthens the Spleen and resolves Dampness;
    Expels Wind-Dampness and relieves pain;
    Clears Heat and expels pus;
    Clears Damp-Heat
    Dampness Stagnation;Spleen Deficiency Dampness with diarrhea, leg Qi, painful urinary dribbling;Damp-Warmth (treats root and manifestations);
    Wind-Damp Bi (increases joint mobility and decreases spasms in chronic cases) for stiffness of the muscles, severe arthralgia and joint immobility;
    Soft, pustulated carbuncles, Lung and Intestinal abscess;
    Any Damp-Heat condition at any level with a greasy, white tongue coat and digestive problems
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Do not use for Deficiency with sinking tendencies.
    Caution with long term use during pregnancy.
    Use with caution for those with spermatorrhea and polyuria.