Chrysanthemum Flower (JuHua)

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    【PROPERTI】Sweet,Bitter,Slightly Cold
    Disperses Wind and clears Heat;
    Calms the Liver and clears the eyes;
    Calms Liver Yang and extinguishes Wind;
    Detoxifies (purifies Blood);
    Promotes the movement of Heart Qi and Blood and stimulates Blood circulation
    Wind-Heat from a common Cold or Warm pathogen disease;
    Dry, swollen and/or painful eyes due to Wind-Heat in the Liver channel or Liver Yang Rising;
    Spots in front of the eyes, blurred vision or dizziness due to Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiencies;
    Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiencies with heatstroke;
    Liver Wind with dizziness, headache and deafness;
    Liver Yang Rising (Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency);
    Toxic sores and swellings;
    Heart Qi and Blood Stagnation
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Do not use in large doses for patients with Qi Deficiency, poor appetite and/or Stomach Cold or diarrhea.
    Contraindicated in the presence of Yang Deficiency or Cold.