Curcuma Tuber (YuJin)

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Heart,Lung,Liver,(Gallbladder)
    Invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis, regulates Qi flow, speeds healing of chronic sores and alleviates pain;
    Clears Heat and cools the Blood;
    Clears the Heart and Pericardium and opens the Orifices;
    Benefits the Gallbladder and reduces jaundice
    Blood Stasis due to trauma (topical and internal);Chronic sores;Liver Qi Stagnation with chest, flank menstrual and abdominal pain;Especially useful for Liver Qi Stagnation with Heat signs;
    Xue Level Heat with epistaxis, hematemesis and hematuria;Especially for epistaxis at the onset of menstruation (inverted menstruation);
    Phlegm Heat Obstructing the Heart Orifices with anxiety, agitation, seizures or mental derangement;
    Gallbladder disorders;Jaundice
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with distention and obstruction with Qi Deficiency.
    Contraindicated for those with no Qi or Blood Stasis.
    Contraindicated for those with Yin Deficiency from blood loss.
    Use with caution during pregnancy.
    Do not use with Flos Caryophylli Ding Xiang.