Earthworm (DiLong)

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Bladder,Liver,Lung,Spleen
    Drains Heat, settles convulsions, extinguishes Wind and stops spasms;
    Clears Heat and unblocks and promotes movement in the channels and collaterals;
    Clears Heat and calms wheezing;
    Clears Heat and promotes urination;
    Anchors Liver Yang and lowers Blood pressure;
    Promotes healing topically
    Extreme Heat generating Wind with loss of consciousness, incoherent speech, convulsions and seizures;It can be used alone;
    It has recently been used to treat schizophrenia of the hot-manic type;
    Hot or Cold Bi (with appropriate herbs) with swollen, painful joints and a reduced range of motion;
    Hemiplegia due to lack of flow in the channels such as the sequelae of Wind-Stroke;
    Wheezing due to Lung Heat (can be taken alone as a powder, in capsules or decocted with sugar as a syrup);
    Hot, painful urinary dysfunction, edema (severe cases), ascites and jaundice;
    Especially useful for Heat clumping in the Bladder with urinary difficulty or inability to urinate (can be used alone);
    Hypertension due to Liver Yang Rising;
    Acute parotitis, chronic ulcers of the lower limbs, burns, boils or carbuncles (powder, mix with sugar and apply topically)
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Do not use for Shang Han conditions except for Yang Ming Heat with restlessness.
    Do not use for Warm pathogen disease without high fever.
    Do not use for Spleen and Stomach weakness and Deficiency.
    Use with caution during pregnancy.