Ginger Licorice Tea

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    Herb Tea
    【Ingredients】Licorice,Dried ginger
    【Actions】Warms the Lungs;Strengthens the Stomach. Warm the yang of the chest and stomach, strengthen the spleen and invigorate qi, and detoxify and resist epidemics.Improve body immunity.
    【Syndromes】Deficiency Cold Lung atrophy;Abdominal pain due to Spleen and Stomach Deficiency;Bleeding due to Spleen Yang Deficiency;Externally generated fevers with Internal Cold
    【Treats】Enuresis,Excessive drooling,Allergic rhinitis,Hayfever,Recurrent epistaxis,Gastric prolapse,Recurrent metrorrhagia,Ulcer,Chronic gastritis,Emphysema,Pulmonary tuberculosis,Urinary incontinence