Glauber’s Salt (MangXiao)

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    【PROPERTI】Acrid,Bitter,Salty,Very Cold
    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Stomach,Large Intestine
    Purges accumulations, guides out Stagnation, softens hardness and moistens Dryness;
    Clears Heat and drains Fire;
    Clears Heat and reduces swelling
    Heat in the Stomach and Intestines with constipation and hard knots;
    Heat in the Stomach or Lungs especially accumulated Phlegm or clumping in the Intestines;
    Red, swollen, painful eyes;Painful, ulcerated, swollen mouth or throat (topical);Red, swollen skin lesions (topical);Mastitis (topical) (promotes lactation)
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated in those with Spleen Deficiency Cold.
    Caution with the elderly.
    Contraindicated during pregnancy.
    Contraindicated postpartum.
    Contraindicated during menstruation.
    If it is used topically for breast abscess in a nursing mother, it may lead to a decrease in lactation.
    Do not use if there is no pathogenic clumping in the Lower Jiao.
    Do not use if there is no closed clumping that is difficult to pass due to pathogenic Heat.
    Do not use with Rz. Sparganii San Leng.
    Do not use with Sulfur Liu Huang.