Perilla Leaf (ZiSuYe)

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    Perillae Folium,Perilla Leaf,Zi Su Ye

    【PROPERTI & CHANNELESN TERED】acrid, aromatic, warm; Lung, Spleen
    【KEY CHARACTERISTICS】Its acrid warmth disperses and discharges, and its aroma harmonizes the middle; it promotes qi movement and revives the Spleen
    Releases the exterior and disperses cold.
    Promotes the movement of qi and expands the chest.
    Use during pregnancy: for calming a restless fetus, or for morning-sickness.
    Resolves seafood poisoning: used either alone or with other herbs.
    【CAUTIONS& CONTRAINDICATI】A large dosage of this herb can raise blood sugar levels, and should not be used in those suffering from diabetes.

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