Raw Ginger (ShengJiang)

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Lung,Spleen,Stomach
    Releases the Exterior, induces perspiration and disperses Cold
    Warms the Middle and stops vomiting
    Warms the Lungs and stops coughing
    Reduces the toxicity of other herbs and seafood
    Adjusts the Ying and Wei - normalizes the flow of Qi at the center
    【Indications/Syndromes】Wind-Cold;Cold in the Stomach especially with vomiting;Cough due to Wind-Cold;Cough due to Lung Deficiency with Phlegm;Herb toxicity or seafood poisoning;Tai Yang Zhong Feng - Wind-Cold with Deficiency
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with spontaneous sweating from Exterior Deficiency/with Lung Heat/with Stomach Heat with vomiting/Yin Deficiency with Heat signs.