Silkworm (JiangCan)

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    Extinguishes Wind and stops spasms and convulsions;
    Dispels Wind, disperses Wind-Heat and stops itching and pain;
    Transforms Phlegm, softens hardness, eliminates toxins and dissipates nodules
    Childhood convulsions and facial paralysis;
    Seizures due to Liver Wind or especially Wind-Phlegm-Heat;
    Headache, red eyes, a sore, swollen throat and itching skin lesions such as Wind-Rash from externally contracted Wind-Heat or Liver Wind;
    Loss of voice;
    Phlegm-Heat scrofula, goiter and other Phlegm nodules
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated when there are no externally contracted pathogenic factors.
    Contraindicated for those with anemia.
    Antagonizes Rx. Platycodi Jie Geng.
    Antagonizes Poria Fu Ling.
    Antagonizes Rz. Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae Bei Xie.
    Antagonizes Ootheca Mantidis Sang Piao Xiao.