Tree Peony Root Bark (DanPi)

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    【PROPERTI】Acrid,Bitter,Slightly Cold
    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Heart,Liver,Kidney
    Clears Heat and cools (and harmonizes) the Blood;
    Clears Deficiency Fire;
    Invigorates the Blood and dispels Blood Stasis;
    Clears Liver Fire;
    Drains pus and reduces swelling
    Xue Stage Heat with epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematemesis or subcutaneous bleeding;
    Menorrhagia due to Blood Heat;
    Yin Deficiency Heat signs especially in the aftermath of Warm Febrile Disease with fever at night and coolness in the morning (most appropriate when the is no sweating), steaming bones;
    Blood Stasis with amenorrhea, abdominal masses, lumps or bruises due to trauma, menstrual cramping;
    Liver Blood Stagnation;
    Liver Fire with headache, eye pain, flank pain, flushing and dysmenorrhea;
    Non-draining sores (topical);
    Intestinal abscesses (internal)
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated in those with Cold Blood (Cold disorders).
    Contraindicated in those with excessive menstruation not due to Blood Heat combined with Blood Stasis.
    Contraindicated during pregnancy.
    Contraindicated in those with a weak Stomach or Cold from Stomach Deficiency.
    Counteracts Sm. Cuscutae Tu Si Zi.
    Counteracts Bul. Fritillariae Chuan Bei Mu and Zhe Bei Mu.
    Counteracts Rz. et Rx. Rhei Da Huang.
    Avoid using with garlic.