Trichosanthis Peel (GuaLouPi)

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Lung,Stomach,Large Intestine
    Clears and moistens the Lungs and transforms Hot Phlegm;
    Regulates Qi and expands chest
    Phlegm-Heat in the chest, pulmonary infections;
    Dry cough with difficult-to-expectorate yellow sputum and a dry throat due to Wind-Heat;
    Qi accumulation in the chest, stuffy chest, chest pain;
    Chest Bi;
    Early stages of breast abscess
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Contraindicated for those with diarrhea due to Spleen and Stomach Deficiency Cold.
    Contraindicated for those with Phlegm-Cold.
    Contraindicated for those with Phlegm-Dampness.
    Incompatible with Rx. Aconiti Wu Tou.
    Antagonizes Rz. Zingiberis Officinalis Gan Jiang.
    Counteracts Rx. Achyranthis Bidentate Niu Xi.