Water Buffalo Horn (ShuiNiuJiaoSi)

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    【CHANNELS ENTERED】Heart,Liver,Stomach,(San Jiao),(Yin Qiao)
    Clears Heat from the Ying and Xue stages,
    relieves Fire toxicity, cools the Blood and stops bleeding;
    Clears Heat and arrests tremors
    Ying or Xue Stage Heat or Blood Heat with a very high fever and chaotic movement of Blood (erythema, purpura, epistaxis, hematemesis, convulsions and delirium);
    Warm-Heat pathogen diseases when the Heat enters the Ying or Xue levels with unremitting high fever, loss of consciousness, delirium, convulsions or manic behavior
    【Cautions& Contraindications】
    Use with caution those with Deficiency Cold of the Middle Jiao.
    Use with great caution during pregnancy.
    Use only with Excess disorders.
    Do not use for rashes with Qi Deficiency where there is no high fever.