Clinic Infection Prevention & Control Records

Cleaning Notes:

            1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may include gloves (specify type), masks (specific type), protective eyewear, etc.
            2. Cleaning and disinfecting equipment may include wipes (paper, cloth or microfiber), mop and bucket, steam cleaning, etc.                Whenever possible, use discrete equipment for each room to minimize potential for cross contamination.
            3. Identify high-touch items that require more frequent cleaning and disinfecting. These may include doorknobs, switch plates,             drawer handles, chair backs, chair arms, stair railings, elevator buttons, counters, desks, keyboards and mice, electronic tablet             screens, etc.
            4. Identify common-use items that may only require frequent cleaning and disinfecting, such as countertops, faucet handles, toilet        flush levers, coffee pots, microwave buttons, refrigerator handles, etc. 
            5. Identify general-use areas that may require less frequent cleaning and disinfecting, such as floors, towels, etc. 

            Use the checklist (in the survey) to identify the item, frequency of cleaning/disinfecting required. Reevaluate the checklist as it is being used to remove/add items and change frequency to better reflect clinic needs.


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