Covid-19 Online Consultation

Welcome to Covid-19 Online Consultation.  This opportunity allows people access to a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, without leaving the comforts of their homes.  This service is dedicated to specific concerns about Covid-19 and other concerns related to it.

The Covid-19 online consultation l can help patients connect with a TCM Practitioner immediately, thus , also reduce the  risk of spreading the virus.  By doing this online consultation, we are able  to decrease the load in our hospitals, which are already over burdened with patients.

Please note:
 Ø The online consultation is intended to provide support to all patients who need online consultations with regards concerns about Covid-19.  This is NOT intended to replace a Medical doctor’s advice.  We strongly recommend that you also consult with your Family Physician to discuss any further steps that need to be undertaken to protect yourself and your household.
 Ø  People who are experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing MUST go to the Emergency Room for appropriate treatment or if severe, MUST call 911 ( or any similar hotline emergency numbers)

How the Online Consultation works

Step 1: Press the button at the bottom of the page to fill out a form and submit;
Step 2: You will be reached (by phone call) by our clinic assistant within 4 hours:
    -  to confirm the date & time of your appointment;
    -  to get more details of your symptoms, as well as a picture of your tongue
Step 3Online consultation:
  -  wechat user: you will be invited to a video call where you will meet the practitioner;
  -  non-wechat user: you will receive a zoom meeting link and be directed to install zoom application on your device (phone or ipad or computer);  you need to click the zoom meeting link to join the meeting at the booked time, where the practitioner will meet you.

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