Online Consultation Appointment(202003)

Online Health Consultations Made Easy

Dekang Medical provides remote virtual health care via video conference call. Our licensed Canadian practitioners provide care for a wide range of issues and cases, such as Pain Control, chronic conditions (e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension), skin issues, general medical advice (e.g. Common Cold, Diarrhea), and Food and Dietary care. 
Our services are available in English and Chinese. 

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Prepare For Your online consultation

Step one:  Book An Appointment

Online appointments are available 24/7 , making it easy for you to pick a date and time that suits your schedule. Select an appointment type and a practitioner who will serve for you.

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Step Two:  Complete A Survey

Please complete a secure and private Online Medical Survey helping practitioner to get your in-depth medical history.

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Step Three:  Check-In Online

At the date and time of your appointment, our assistant will help you to complete your online check-in. Please check that your WIFI connection, webcam and speakers are working.

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Step Four:  Chat With A Practitioner

Start your online health consultation to get the health advice you need and Traditional Chinese herb prescription or treatment plan.

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 Your Clinic is Here!

Please follow us on our Official Dekang medical Wechat account as well as our Facebook Page to receive updates on the online diagnostic tool.

Reliable, Relief, Recover!

Improve and enjoy your life with the help of Dekang Medical.


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